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Bismut MinardiLe Poët-LavalLe Poët-LavalLe Poët-LavalPoët-Laval Jazz FestivalPoët-Laval Jazz Festival
May 30
03:00 PM
Bismut Minardi
Jul 17
03:00 PM

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Gabriel Bismut played the viola with Rumbatista for 2 years. This collaboration ended, after numerous concerts, with the recording of an album of which one of the songs, “Khadija”, was the subject of a very beautiful music video.
Lecks Inc.
The collaboration with the group Lecks Inc., which was made via an advertisement on the internet, was a happy surprise for Gabriel because it allowed him to compose and record a violin part on a metal tune and thus to reconnect with his teenage loves.
Yass Dussi
Yass Dussi is a songwriter from Togo, present on the Parisian scene, and whose sincere and touching musical universe does not lack charm. At the end of 2017, he invited Gabriel Bismut to record a violin part, partly improvised at the moment, for a piece from his album entitled “On s'en sortira”.
Helena Recalde
Gabriel Bismut plays regularly in the quartet of Helena Recalde, a talented bass player/singer, also a composer, who made him discover the music of her country of origin, Ecuador. In this live video, they perform a wonderful traditional song called “Vasija de Barro”.
The Big Hustle
The Big Hustle is the Funk/Rock group of bass player Sébastien Levanneur, with whom Gabriel had long played gypsy jazz with the group Ketelo Tropo. Years later, Sébastien asked him to put together a string quartet to record the parts he had composed for the first album of his group.
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